AIMS Living

Discover new hobbies!

One of  the AIMS Meeting goals is to ensure that the participants has an incredible experience in every way possible. So, a very important and essential part our congress is its cultural and social program, the AIMS Living Program. We prepared an interesting and varied program consisting in 2 groups of activities:

Throughout our congress, you will be able to develop new skills like cooking or exercising like a pro. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your heart pumping or to learn new mouth-watering recipes!

This program is exclusively funded by the participants and AEFML.

There are limited vacancies for each activity and this program is free of extra charge.

THURSDAY, March 10th
FRIDAY, March 11th
SATURDAY, March 12th

Have you heard of padel, but never had the opportunity to try it? Come and join us in a fun filled class.