AIMS Living

Discover new hobbies!

Throughout our congress, you can enroll yourself in the AIMS Living sociocultural workshops.

Activities present themselves in a body response spectrum just like the Glasgow Coma Scale, ranging from exhilarating sports (Glasgow Coma Scale Range 15 to 13) to chill and creative workshops (Glasgow Coma Scale Range 8 to 3).

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your heart pumping or to learn new mouth-watering recipes!

Glasgow coma scale range 15 – 13

This workshop, led by the experienced and talented dancer André Ribeiro, will get you moving to the vibrant rhythms of various latin dances as André guides you through the steps with grace and precision. Don’t miss this chance to ignite your passion for dance while learning from a true expert!

Have you ever wanted to try surfing? This is your chance. Come and try the great waves of the Costa da Caparica with the amazing instructors of Gecko Surf School.

Would you like to learn tactics and techniques to defend yourself from a potential aggressor, increasing your levels of self-control and confidence, by practicing physical activity to improve your Health, Safety, and Quality of Life? Join us in this self-defense workshop with a specialized professional.

Glasgow coma scale range 12 – 9

Experience an engaging escape game in Lisbon, a unique outdoor activity that combines the thrill of sightseeing with the excitement of urban exploration! An exhilarating adventure awaits, taking you to explore the streets of Lisbon like never before.

Explore the art of mixology in our Cocktail Workshop! Learn preparation techniques, discover ingredient secrets and create your own drinks under expert guidance.

Experience the delights of tending aromatic herbs in this workshop! Our seasoned instructors will share their expertise in herb propagation, enabling you to cultivate a flourishing herb garden of your own. This workshop will give you practical techniques and insider tips to enhance your herb-growing skills.

An alternate reality full of puzzles and mystery where every detail can be a clue to open a padlock or a subsequent door. Are you prepared to have all your senses on alert?

Have you ever thought about learning how to make cocktails? Come with us and with the Bar Procópio and learn how to make the best drinks for all the parties. Here you have the opportunity to acquire many preparation skills and to become a bar master.

Glasgow coma scale range 8 – 3

Get ready to dive into the world of fine arts with Marta Vicente, a talented and accomplished young artist who will be your guide through the enchanting realm of Indian Ink. Under her guidance, you’ll explore a variety of techniques that unlock the expressive potential of this ancient art form, and you will be able to experiment with it to create your very own work of art.

Get ready to master the kitchen in our Student Cooking Workshop! Learn easy, economical and delicious recipes, perfect for your academic life.

Elevate your beauty game with our wonderful makeup artist in “Slay and Sculpt” by Miano Does Makeup. Join us for an empowering experience where you’ll dive deep into the world of makeup and learn techniques to slay any look. Get ready to unleash your inner artist and elevate your makeup skills to the next level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shine bright and dazzle the world with your newfound expertise. Reserve your spot!

Join us for an immersive hand ceramics workshop where you’ll get hands-on experience shaping and painting clay into stunning ceramic pieces! With Inês, a versatile artist, you’ll learn techniques such as pinch, pouring, coil, and slab, after which you will choose one of them to create a piece. Finally, pieces can be decorated using techniques such as decal, low or high relief, and coloring the clay using engobes.

All pieces produced in the workshop will be fired at high temperature (1200°C) and glazed transparently.

This workshop will be freestyle from a creative point of view, promoting the exploration of materials and the potential of clay.

Embark on a journey towards natural, plant-based, and healthy eating with this practical culinary workshop led by the expert Margarida George. Margarida is dedicated to simplifying the process, emphasizing unprocessed foods like vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, and nuts. Come explore the art of preparing delicious and nutritious meals that nourish both body and soul, while you learn practical tips, techniques, and recipes to make plant-based cooking a seamless and enjoyable part of your lifestyle!

Healthcare is a critical sector for the wellbeing of society. However, activities associated to this sector are highly unsustainable, mainly due to high energy and materials consumption and related carbon footprint and waste production. In this workshop we will explore strategies to turn this sector more sustainable through design thinking, in a participatory session where all are invited to contribute. Come and join us. Let’s question the management of resources in daily activities in a hospital.