As with all past editions of the AIMS Meeting, this year you will be challenged to step out of the box with our AIMS Living Program. Although not on the same terms as in previous editions, we still want to offer you the opportunity to tryout new hobbies.

Therefore, throughout our congress you will be able to develop new skills like cooking or exercising like a pro, and even test  your cultural knowledge on our Quiz Night. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your heart pumping or to learn new mouth-watering recipes!

March 18th

Tia Cátia

Cátia Goarmon, a famous Portuguese chef who has her own show “Os Segredos da Tia Cátia” on the 24Kitchen Channel, will share with us some magnificent recipes. Known as someone who cooks with the heart, Cátia Goarmon will be joining the AIMS Living program on March 18th with some magnificent recipes. Are you prepared to finally become a masterchef?


Sónia Amalric

Sonia Amalric, owner of Agora-Lisboa and passionate about the Yoga’s philosophy. As someone who sees yoga as a lifestyle and an every day transformative practice, she will share with us an invigorating Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. Want to feel energized by this practice that envolves millions of people worldwide?


Patrícia dos Reis

Taking the DIY to a whole new level! Join Patrícia in the world of Repurposing and Upcycling through basic and low-cost techniques that will revolutionize your life. Learn how to extend the life-span of objects you having lying around your house, by turning the into new useful gadgets. Be creative and get to work!

March 19th

Laranja Lima

Ana Isabel Monteiro, for many known as “Laranja.Lima.Nutrição”, from instagram, practices a sustainable and vegetarian lifestyle. Ready to taste new snacks during your next study break? 


Hortas Lx

Hortas Lx is one of the projects André Maciel founded out of his concern and love for ecology and sustainability. Through it, he empowers and teaches people about being greener, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing for an environmentally-safer future.


Nilton Bala

Nilton Bala, a fitness enthusiast and one of the most wanted personal trainers in Portugal. He is known for being the personal trainer of superstars and will be joining us with a powerful workout that will get your heart pumping. Excited to see what a superstar’s workout looks like?

March 20th – Quiz Night

Think you got what it takes to ace this general knowledge quiz and take one of our incredible prizes home?

Then grab 2 friends and accept our challenge. Join us for the AIMS Living program on March 20th!

How does it work?

Step 1 –

Be a participant of the AIMS Meeting 2021, regardless of your ticket modality!

Step 2 –

Read the Quiz Nigth Rules and agree to abide by its rules and regulations.

Step 3 –

Fill in the Activities Placement Form you will receive on your email. Here, only each group representative will be asked to state the will of the team to participate in this activity. But don’t feel left out if you don’t have a team. You can sign up for the activity and be randomly placed in an incomplete team.

Step 4 –

Put your general culture into practice in the most diverse areas on the 20th of March at 21H30 (GMT +00). And of course… Have fun!
See you there!