The AIMS Meeting Clinical Competition is a challenging opportunity for participants to put their knowledge to the test. The aim of this competition is to recognize and reward clinical excellence by testing the participants’ clinical reasoning, practical approach and ability to think of differential diagnosis and to work in a team.

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How does it work?

There are two phases in the Clinical Competition by Hospital da Luz Learning Health, the first consisting of a series of multiple-choice questions answered through the AIMS Meeting 2021 Platform and the second of a clinical case solved using a High-Fidelity Simulator. Here’s how you can participate:

Step 1 –

Be a participant of the AIMS Meeting 2021, regardless of your ticket modality!

Step 2 –

Read the Scientific Competition by MSD Rules of Procedure and agree to abide by its rules and regulations.

Step 3 –

Form a team of four elements and choose a representative to register for the team or register individually. Keep in mind that if you choose to register individually, you will only be eligible to participate in the Preliminary Phase of the competition!

Step 4 –

Fill in the Activities Placement Form you will receive on your email! Here you will be asked to state your willingness to participate in this competition.
Here’s how the two phases will work:

Preliminary Phase: In this phase, every team or individual participant must answer, through the AIMS Meeting 2021 Platform, a series of multiple choice questions based on clinical cases that will be presented. The individual or individuals who win this phase, whether they fulfill the requirements needed to move forward to the Final Phase or not, will be awarded!

Final Phase: The Final Round of the Clinical Competition has been postponed following the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. All teams registered have been informed by email. The two finalist teams will be announced during the Award and Closing Ceremony. As soon as the pandemic situation allows for the Final Round to take place, the two teams will be informed and a date will be scheduled for it to be held in-person.

10th AIMS Meeting’s Clinical Competition Winner
Miguel Antunes (FMUL)

“During my internship at Val d’Hebron medical centre’s unit of Pediatric Neurology in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to meet a fantastically dynamic and welcoming team. The unit is used to deal with widely multidisciplinary medical conditions, that require not only the integration of several areas of medica scientific knowledge, ranging from human genetics and biochemistry, to imagiology and pharmacology while also providing a strong emotional and social support to the patients and the families involved. Caring, compassion and scientific proficiency were the core values that defined my tutor, Dra. Mireia del Toro, and the remainder of the individuals that I was blessed to contact with and learn from.

I would like to leave my thanks to Dra. del Toro and the remaining team for the friendship and guidance, and to AIMS Meeting, Biomarin and Val d’Hebron Medical Centre for the opportunity.

Gràcies per tot!”