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The AIMS Green initiative began in the 11th edition of our congress, aiming to make it more sustainable. Furthermore, we also keep in mind the importance of raising our participants’ awareness about environmental issues. In this edition, we will adapt the AIMS Green initiative to the new format of our congress, in every way possible.

Green Tips


Do not put the fridge and freezer near the stove, as they use more energy to compensate for the temperature gain.


Use your plastic bag! Each portuguese citizen used about 499 plastic bags in 2012. Although we use them, on average, only 12 minutes, they requeire more than 1,000 years to degrade. Whe compared to a plastic bag a cotton one can have a bigger production ecologigical footprint. You have to reuse it 131 times.

In Edgington, T. (2019) “Plastic or paper: which one is greener?”, BBC News 


Water or money: what should I save?
Before taking a shower, we wait, on average, 1 minute, for the water to get hot. In that time, ~ 8 L of water go to waste. If is a daily practice, it can represent almost 3,000 L of water, per year.
Solution: Put a bucket in the shower while you’re waiting for the water to warm up and use it later for cooking, watering your plants, flushing the toilet.

In Residential End Uses of Water (2016). Water Research Foundation