Keynote Lectures

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Keynote Lectures

Innovative and inspiring lectures

Brace yourselves and prepare to be inspired by four unique and inspiring personalities of the Medicine and Scientific World. Adding up to our three thematic modules, these talks will broaden your horizons unravelling some of the most hot topics of today. You will also be able to learn from the best by witnessing a lifelong passion and dedication to science in our Nobel Lectures.

John O'Keefe
John O’Keefe, PhD

Professor at Sainsbury Wellcome Center of the University College London

Fellow of the Royal Society

Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2014

Kavli Prize in Neuroscience in 2014

John O’Keefe is a renowned neuroscientist that has contributed to the discovery of several neurophysiological processes that help to better understand how our brain represents space. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2014 for the discovery of the place cells, that allow the creation of cognitive representations of specific places in space.

Henry Marsh
Henry Marsh, MD

Retired neurosurgeon at St. George Hospital in London

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

Commanders of the Order of the British Empire

With an unrivaled career as a doctor, Henry Marsh, who is currently retired, is a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery, having developed his projects mostly in Ukraine. He wrote two best-sellers, Do No Harm in 2014 and Admissions in 2017, focusing on his path as a neurosurgeon and addressing ethical issues, such as iatrogenic events and medical error.