Lecturer's Opinion

Feedback from previous speakers

Review our previous speakers' feedback about their time at AIMS Meeting

Aaron Ciechanover, MD, PhD
Nobel Session

“In particular, I like congresses that are organized by medical students. First for the way that medical students undertake this task and do it so well, and second, as a physician, I see my role as educating the young generations of physicians, and in this sense it was a perfect meeting.”

Marci Bowers, MD
Surgery Session

“I’m honored to be in front of so many students that represent the next generation, I hope to inspire them for the many firsts and possibilities that are ahead but also just to share my story and the work that I’m doing and my hopes for the future.”

Pankaj Chandak, MD
Surgery Session

“It had all the elements, I think, of inspiration, motivation, science, medicine, humanitarian aspects, so it is something I wish I could have had as a medical student. It’s really a testament to the hard work of the entire team, the motivation and dedication towards a better cause, towards creating future surgeons, scientists and Nobel Prize winners.”

Jessica Grahn, PhD
Surgery Session

“I think it’s a really exciting opportunity for the medical students to be able to see what is happening at the next frontier of medicine in addition to what they learn in school.”

Neel Shah, MD
Surgery Session

“This is probably one of the best medical conferences I’ve ever gone to, honestly. I’ve learned so much! I’ve been so inspired by not just the speakers but the amazing students who put this together and the 1000 students from 35 countries that came here today.”

Oliver Kaschke, MD, PhD
Surgery Session

“The conference was very impressive for me because I met a lot of young people who are starting their career in Medicine and it is so important that we have such meetings and exchange between experienced people and students.”

Faith Osier, MD, PhD
Keynote Lecture

“It was so professionally organized it was hard to believe that this is run entirely by students. The lineup of speakers was fantastic! The level of engagement from the students was great. Even as you spoke you felt a great connection from the audience.”

Jeanne Conry, MD, PhD
Surgery Session

“We have a packed crowd, an auditorium filled with medical students asking very persuasive questions. We are seeing the leaders of our medical community, the leaders of health right here, and getting a sense of what our future is.”