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Feedback from previous speakers
lecturer’s opinion

Review our previous speakers' feedback about AIMS Meeting

Cara Ocobock, PhD
lecturer | aims meeting 2023

“I very much enjoyed my experience at the AIMS Meeting. The students were so engaged during the workshop, the organization of the conference was extremely impressive, the food was amazing, and the hospitality shown me was beyond wonderful. Thank you all for such a wonderful time.”

Rohin Francis, MD
lecturer | aims meeting 2023

“What a fantastic event you have put on here! I’m super impressed with the organization, it’s a massive event with loads of students and I’ve had an amazing time here.”

Lucy McKay, MD
lecturer | aims meeting 2023

“If you want something done…ask a medical student! Medical students from around the world never cease to impress me. A couple of weeks ago I attended the most professionally organised Congress I have ever been to. It was organised, voluntarily, by medical students. In their own time, on top of their demanding study schedule and placements.”

Pankaj Chandak, MD
lecturer | 10th aims meeting

“It had all the elements, I think, of inspiration, motivation, science, medicine, humanitarian aspects, so it is something I wish I could have had as a medical student. It’s really a testament to the hard work of the entire team, the motivation and dedication towards a better cause, towards creating future surgeons, scientists and Nobel Prize winners.”

Faith Osier, MD, PhD
Keynote Lecturer | 10th aims meeting

“It was so professionally organized it was hard to believe that this is run entirely by students. The lineup of speakers was fantastic! The level of engagement from the students was great. Even as you spoke you felt a great connection from the audience.”

Jeanne Conry, MD, PhD
lecturer | 10th aims meeting

“We have a packed crowd, an auditorium filled with medical students asking very persuasive questions. We are seeing the leaders of our medical community, the leaders of health right here, and getting a sense of what our future is.”