Without borders

Ouside the box

Sunday | April 16th 2023

Without Borders

In our training, we learn how to become doctors in order to fulfill the traditional needs of day-to-day Medicine. However, there are a lot of physicians working outside the box defined by the walls of a doctor’s office, an operating room, a waiting room or a hospital.

Are you curious about the life of an astronaut physician in Space? Or about the work of healthcare professionals in correctional facilities?

Join us in the module Without Borders: Outside The Box, on a journey from the deepest oceans up to Earth’s orbit, where we will meet these doctors without any borders, who work outside the box of traditional Medicine.

Amanda Brown, MD

General Practice Physician
Physician at His Majesty’s Prison Bronzefield (UK)
Author of the “The Prison Doctor” Book Series

Dr. Amanda Brown is a physician who works since 2009 at HMP Bronzefield (Ashford, England), known to be the largest female prison in Europe. She started her career as a prison doctor at HMP Huntercombe, a juvenile prison holding teenagers from ages 15 to 18, and, after that, worked at Wormwood Scrubs, an infamous high security men’s prison. Besides her fantastic career as a doctor who delivers healthcare in correctional facilities, she is also an accomplished author. Amanda wrote the non-fiction book series “The Prison Doctor”, which she uses as a platform to share her experiences and career stories, as well as advocate for compassion for prisoners. 

The Blakemore Lab

Christof Neuner, MD

General and Trauma Surgery Senior Consultant
Commander at the German Navy Maritime Special Forces
Honorary teacher for SOF (Special Operation Forces German Police)

Dr. Christof Neuner is a senior consultant in General and Trauma Surgery and Comander (Res) at the German (Bundeswenr) Navy Maritime Special Forces; Department Head of the Trauma Department at Klinikum Neumarkt, Germany, and an Honorary teacher for SOF (Special Operation Forces German Police) of Combat Lifesaver and a course for non-medical military personnel deploying in support of combat operations. Having trained in Berlin, Germany and Johannesburg/Soweto, South Africa, Dr. Christof Neuner was also a member of GERM-SOST, a German Special Operation Surgical Team and was deployed in several military medical missions in Afghanistan, Serbia, Somalia, Mali and in Operation Sophia, a consequence of Libya migrant shipwrecks, to assess human smuggling and trafficking networks in the Mediterranean.

Daniel Grant, MD

NHS Doctor
Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine (University of Texas)
Fellowship in Humanizing Medicine and Critical Care

Dr. Daniel Grant started his career as an Extreme environment Physiologist, Advanced Immunologist, and Egyptologist. In love with Extreme environment physiology, he pursued a medical degree to further understand Space Medicine. Afterwards, with an increasing interest in Space Medicine Dr. Dan took a course in Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine at The University of Texas. At CASE Medicine, he worked alongside in research and collaborating with aerospace organizations across the world. Dr. Grant also took a fellowship in Humanizing Medicine and Critical Care. From an NHS Doctor to NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, Dr. Grant also has an artistic side, making feature films. Besides this, he educates and enlightens everyone about getting healthier, across multiple platforms such as his own Youtube Channel “The Stealth Health”. He regularly posts videos and article-based content, focusing on his passions: Space Medicine, Physiology and General Health.

Scientific Committee
Edson Oliveira, MD
Neurosurgeon at Hospital CUF
Invited Assistant Professor of Neuroanatomy, Neurosurgery and Aerospace Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon
Founder and Project Leader of the Center for Aerospace Medicine Studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon
President of the Great Lisbon District of the Portuguese Medical Association
Member of the Space & Extreme Environment Research Center at the Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre
Member of the Board of Advisors for InnovaSpace
Olavo Gomes, MD
General Surgeon
Former Medical Advisor for the Portuguese Navy
Former Director of the Portuguese Navy’s Center for Practical Training of First Aid
First Lieutenant at the Portuguese Navy